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PathDAO is a decentralised venture studio investing and incubating projects at the intersection of web3, tech and the metaverse.
Building at
the intersection of
Web3Consumer techMetaverse
/ web thrē /Web3 ushers in a decentralized internet era, leveraging blockchain and crypto-economics for aligned user incentives. It paves the way for a new age of digital ownership via Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), unlocking innovative opportunities for gamers and online communities. By harnessing Web3, we are transforming users from mere participants to actual stakeholders in their ecosystems. This disruptive technology is at the heart of our mission, propelling us to challenge norms and redefine the digital world.
/kən-'sü-mər tek/Consumer tech currently presents significant whitespace, ripe for innovations in AI, fintech, public goods, and digital affinity. At PathDAO, we see a unique opportunity to fill this gap by integrating the advanced capabilities of Web3. The combination of Web3 with consumer tech can bridge digital and physical domains, reimagine trust via on-chain transactions, and democratize value through social tokens. By leveraging these potentials, we aim to transform the consumer tech landscape. In essence, our mission is to unlock the transformative power of Web3 for everyday technology consumers.
/'me-tə-ˌvərs /The metaverse is a burgeoning frontier that merges gaming with the social fabric of online communities. It’s an ecosystem where virtual identities, assets, and experiences take on tangible value and significance. We understand that this opens a realm of infinite possibilities, ripe for innovation and transformation. We aim to explore and harness these opportunities, focusing on social innovations that leverage blockchain tech to foster rich, interactive social communities within this digital space.
Investment throughPath Ventures
Path Ventures is committed to making strategic investments that push the boundaries of innovation in the Web3, consumer tech, and Metaverse spaces. We pursue two main investment approaches:
Venture CapitalWe provide early-stage capital to promising startups at the intersection of our focus areas, nurturing them to achieve their full potential. Our venture capital investments aim to drive long-term value, both in terms of financial returns and their ability to redefine industry norms.
Invested Value
$ Mn
Invested Projects
Liquid InvestmentsWe actively manage a portfolio of liquid investments, trading in mature, publicly listed tokens and assets. This approach offers the flexibility to capitalize on market trends and generate quick returns, providing a balanced risk-reward profile to our overall investment strategy.
Asset Under Management
$ Mn
Multiple on Invested Capital
Cumulative $PATH buyback
Incubation throughPathLabs
PathLabs is where we bring ideas to life. It is our in-house innovation hub, dedicated to incubating companies from zero to one. We work closely with founders and teams, providing them with the resources, guidance, and networks they need to thrive. Whether it's a unique gaming concept, a transformative consumer tech solution, or a novel application of blockchain, we help bring these visions to reality, building their valuation from the ground up.
Path GuildWeb3 gaming guildWeb3 Gaming Guild is an innovative community at the intersection of blockchain-based gaming. With an emphasis on vibrant interactions and collective growth, we foster an environment where members can fully engage with games, provide insightful reviews, and contribute to the development of robust token economies. Our Guild is a dynamic hub for gamers, developers, and enthusiasts who play, critique, and innovate together in the Web3 space. Providing player liquidity to games, we fuel their ongoing vitality and success. Web3 Gaming Guild is more than just a gaming collective - we are a thriving ecosystem shaping the future of decentralized gaming.
Low focus due to slow growth of web3 games. Recent resourcing spike with HV-MTL Bored Ape and BigTime ecosystem activation
Active Gamers
Games Active in
Gaming Partnerships
Current resourcing provided [ 2/10 ]
Team PathE-Sports and Content HouseThis initiative comprises a competitive esports team specializing in Valorant, exhibiting exceptional skill, strategy, and teamwork at a high-stakes level. Simultaneously, our Gaming Content House acts as a creative incubator, producing engaging content that bridges gaming and popular culture. It's a hub for streamers, influencers, and content creators who bring their unique perspectives to the gaming scene. Together, these ventures merge top-tier competitive gaming with captivating content creation, forging a comprehensive, immersive experience for fans and participants alike.
Competitive rank
#in Malaysia
kin SEA
Current resourcing provided [ 8/10 ]
PathGGPhygital interactive gaming brandPathGG is a phygital interactive gaming brand that seeks to become the 'Nike' for gamers. We provide gamers with a unique identity, merging the physical and digital worlds. Each physical product is twinned with a digital counterpart, soon to be minted as an NFT. This NFT doesn't just represent ownership; it unlocks a gamified layer of experiences, creating an engaging platform for gaming creators and brands to better connect with their communities. Through PathGG, we are redefining how gamers represent themselves and interact in the digital world.
Network Size
Capsules Dropped
CollabsIn Progress
Current resourcing provided [ 3/10 ]
QUIKCreator FinancingQuik revolutionizes creator financing in the digital ecosystem. It expertly merges traditional financial structures with the unique needs of creators, reshaping the economic dynamics of the creative industry. Offering inventive solutions such as invoice factoring and blockchain-integrated social tokens, Quik provides creators with vital financial stability and growth potential. In this way, Quik cultivates a supportive space that nourishes creators' passion, letting them focus on their craft while fostering a sustainable brand value growth.
Creators Onboarded
Trx volume processed
Social Tokens TVLNot Started
Current resourcing provided [ 9/10 ]
Path FinanceBNPL for gaming NFTsOur "Buy Now, Pay Later" (BNPL) for Gaming NFTs platform revolutionizes the way gamers acquire and invest in NFTs. Recognizing the unique value and potential of gaming NFTs, we offer flexible payment options, enabling gamers to secure desired NFTs without immediate full payment. This system not only facilitates easier access to valuable gaming assets but also fosters a more inclusive and dynamic gaming ecosystem. With our BNPL platform, we're democratizing access to gaming NFTs and paving the way for innovative economic models within the gaming industry.
Development on this is currently paused, due to lack of users in the web3 gaming space.
Loans disbursed
Games Supported
Current resourcing provided [ 0/10 ]
Crowd ControlFan Controlled E-sports LeagueWelcome to the future of esports—where the fans hold the power! We are proud to introduce a groundbreaking Fan-Controlled Esports League, blurring the lines between players and spectators, and creating a truly immersive and interactive gaming experience. We’re kicking things off with the iconic world of Minecraft, paired with the dynamic platform of TikTok Live Stream. Fans aren’t just viewers here; they’re influential game-changers. With the power of tipping during live streams, spectators can directly impact in-game actions, creating unexpected turns, thrilling challenges, and a uniquely unpredictable gaming environment. This isn’t just gaming; it's a community-driven spectacle. We’re tearing down the walls between gamers and their audience, fostering a space where every tip can alter the course of the game. It's live, it's electric, and it's a whole new way to experience esports.
Games supported
Eyeball reach
Creators participated
Current resourcing provided [ 8/10 ]
PathPlayBuilding the competitive layer of web3.Discover PathPlay, a groundbreaking gaming platform where fan investments directly influence and propel the esports ecosystem. Fans purchase “shares” in gamers, channeling funds into a liquidity pool that fuels high-stakes competition and rewards success. Victorious gamers see their liquidity pools and share values surge, translating to tangible profits for their supporters. Our unique competitive model isn’t just about winning; it’s a powerful distribution tool. By drawing attention and generating buzz, we help new games break through the noise, reaching wider audiences and gaining traction. This not only benefits creators but also introduces fans to fresh, exciting gaming experiences. Welcome to the future of competitive gaming, where every player, game, and fan is a crucial part of the esports evolution.
Weekly active usersIn Progress
TVLIn Progress
Fights heldIn Progress
Current resourcing provided [ 8/10 ]
$PATH Token
What you can do with $PATH
$PATH is the governance token of PathDAO, with future utilities to be announced
Ownership of $PATH tokens give the holders a voice in directing the future of PathDAO
Stake $PATH to enjoy rewards as long-term supporter of PathDAO
Decentralised Governance
PIP-9Staking rewards extension and contract upgrade
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PIP-8Additional $PATH utility on Polygon
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PIP-7Protocol-Owned Liquidity
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PIP-6BImprovement to a more sustainable and aligned PATH
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PIP-6AShould PathDAO implement an NFT-based Profit-sharing utility?
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PIP-5$PATH bridge to Polygon
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PIP-4Staking contract upgrade
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PIP-3Yield Generation on Anchor Protocol
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PIP-2Centralised Exchange Listing
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PIP-1Liquidity Provision Reward (Amended_V1)
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PathDAO is a decentralised venture studio investing and incubating projects at the intersection of web3, tech and the metaverse.
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